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BrixhamFuture (originally known as the Brixham Regeneration Group) was established in 2014 to implement some real demonstrable changes in Brixham and surrounding areas.

The primary role of BrixhamFuture, as a working group of the Town Council, is to prioritise, evaluate, recommend proposed regenerational and development ideas to the Town Council and other partners.

So, what are we doing…

After a few months of becoming established as a group, the BrixhamFuture team have started to evaluate a number of different initiatives and proposals:

  • The old Threshers site
  • Big Belly Bins 
  • Town Centre spring cleans and retail initiatives
  • Central Car Park proposed developments and options. 

It is the aim that any initiatives, proposals, ideas will be assessed, discussed and evaluated by the BrixhamFuture team at monthly
workshops, developed and implemented using agreed project management systems.

Feedback from the BrixhamFuture workshops is then shared at the monthly BrixhamFuture General Meeting to which members of the public and interested parties are invited to attend.

he initial "Core Group" consisted of;

Pauline Neal (chairman)
Maldwyn Evans (vice-chairman)
Mart Gottschalk (secretary) 
Meg Wild, Janet Howard, Nigel Makin, Chris Dawes (team members)
Brian Harland (Brixham Town Council)
Jackie Stockman (Neighbourhood Forum)
Matthew James (Torbay Council)

The BrixhamFuture team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, including planning, finance, tourism, retail, IT, publicity,
journalism, youth work, NHS and project management.

Many of the team members manage businesses or have interests in the town and are united by their love of Brixham and a passionate desire to make Brixham a better place for people to live, work, and grow.

Our team has built strong links with existing organisations such as the Neighbourhood Forum, Brixham Chamber of Commerce, the Community Partnership, and the Torbay Development Authority.  It is these links that will enable the team to communicate with the
wider Brixham Communities and residents.

As a working group of Brixham Town Council the BrixhamFuture team play a key role in discussions with local organisations and aim to undertake unbiased evidence-based evaluation and validation of proposals for the Threshers site, Oxen Cove and the Town Centre car park.


BrixhamFuture meets at the Town Hall on the second Wednesday of each month, the first part of the meeting is in private (18:30 – 19:30hrs), while the second part of the meeting (19.30 – 20:30hrs) is held in public. 

Please click here to view the 2015 meeting schedule.

To view BrixhamFuture agendas and minutes, please click here to visit the Meetings, Minutes and Agenda page of the Brixham Town Council website.

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